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The Virtual Visibility Media Team

The Virtual Visibility Media team consists of many excellent online marketing and SEO expert professionals. From our absolutely top of the line editor-in-chief, our tech SEO experts, to our various and fantastic content writers. We currently use a largely freelance business model to ensure that we’re agile and cost-efficient enough to provide our clients with the best possible results. Still, our goal is to get more people on board as full-time employees.

The good news for us is that with our freelance based model, we’re able to work closely and intimately with outstanding professionals across the world. They might be exploring the lovely British countryside, the hills and mountain tops of Norway, or even Miami, but we still get to enjoy their fantastic qualities and professionalism while executing our clients’ campaigns.

While we’d like to add some of our many fantastic freelancers that we work with week-in-week-out to this page, we need to respect their autonomy. As a consequence, we’ll only feature our CEO and our primary contributor, Sarah, for now.

Christoffer, CEO & Founder

Christoffer Sorensen, CEO and Founder of Virtual Visibility Media, Inc

Christoffer is the driving force behind Virtual Visibility Media as the founder and CEO. He started VVM within the end of the month following his American Green Card approval. With SEO experience working in some of the most competitive fields of SEO, across multiple continents, he saw a new purpose into which he could channel his expertise.

After arriving in Buffalo, he became very impressed with the magnificence and diversity of the small and local business environment of the US. However, signs were there that large, national companies kept taking up more space at the expense of this amazing local business environment. His goal: to help small and local Buffalo business avoid losing ground to national companies – to maintain the beautiful diversity and passion of locally owned businesses and communities.

He now looks to continue to grow Virtual Visibility Media and its team with the right talent, the right passion in the right direction.

Sarah, Editor-in-Chief

Sarah performs one of our key functions here at Virtual Visibility Media. With her perfectionist eye for detail, grammar, and excellent overall linguistic ability, she can transform even the most average article to a top-class piece of content.

After completing her University education in York, England, she came back home to her native Buffalo. Today we’re lucky to have her on our Virtual Visibility Media team and to call her our editor.

Want to know more about the Virtual Visibility Media team?

If you want to get to know us better, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. As we mentioned, many of our experts are spread across the globe, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to meet up if you’re interested.

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