Christoffer Sørensen


Christoffer is the CEO and Founder of Virtual Visibility Media.

Christoffer filed the paperwork to start the company as soon as his Green Card approval came through in 2018, and has been working tirelessly since to further the vision behind his company.

Image of Christoffer, CEO and Founder of Virtual Visibility Media, Inc

After living abroad for many years in the UK, the native Norwegian moved to Buffalo, New York. During the immigration process, Christoffer explored the various towns and suburbs around Buffalo. It became clear to him that one thing really stood out in the States compared to the other countries he’s visited – the entrepreneurial spirit, the pride of local businesses owners, and the diversity that was on offer within local communities.

Fast forward to February 2018 and Christoffer files the paperwork for launching Virtual Visibility Media, Inc.

Why launch Virtual Visibility Media?

For many, moving to a new country (left alone a new continent) is intimidating and difficult enough. Why add to the challenge by launching a company? For me, there were plenty of factors that lead me down the road of business ownership. First of all, I was in awe.

Christoffer observing American small business ownership and mom-and-pop shops

When I first arrived in Buffalo, there was quite a lot to digest. New rules, governmental procedures, cultural differences, etc. However, what truly stood out was the beautiful diversity of the local American small business environment.

My wife and I walked through the towns of Orchard Park, East Aurora, Hamburg, and more. I have to say, it’s fantastic. As a Norwegian, culturally, I’m used to a rather downplayed sense of pride. But to see the incomparable enthusiasm and passion of the American local business owners was absolutely amazing. I was sold. If there was one place in the world to run your own business, on your own terms – it was here. I know, I know. I know it might sound a little cliché, but bear with me.

One evening, while I was brainstorming my future in America I talked to some of my wife’s family. They’ve lived in Buffalo just about their entire life, and if there’s anyone who knows about Buffalo and its workings it’s them.

The conversation that changed my path

We talked this one evening, and they told me about this martial arts club that has been around for decades. It was really quite successful and has many happy members. Then they told me that the club’s membership sign-ups had been in decline for the last few years. Places like Planet Fitness and LA Fitness were gobbling up the market – grabbing all the attention of people looking to get more exercise or learn a new skill.

It didn’t add up to me, how a long-running, well-established club, with multiple award-winning athletes, were struggling to get new members. Then I saw their website. While they did have a website and it contained a lot of core information – it was visually outdated, information wasn’t really kept up to date, and it struggled overall to keep up with the everchanging modifications to Google’s algorithm criteria. Who can blame them? They’re running a martial arts club, not an IT or Search Engine Optimization business – how can they know and keep up to date on Google‘s every whim.

This triggered a change in me. I’d been considering applying for various positions while I couldn’t work during the immigration process. But this discussion made it clear to me – I want to achieve a specific goal. I want to help local and small business not only retain market share, but to grow and prosper as technology and the times change. I need to do my part in making sure the beautiful American small business community retains its fantastic diversity and its offer to the overall local community.

Launching Virtual Visibility Media – a new adventure begins

As I mentioned, while I was waiting for my immigration process to complete, I spent time with my wife. We visited lovely villages and towns around Buffalo, from East Aurora, to Orchard Park, to (where we now live) Hamburg. It was amazing. I hadn’t seen the like of it in England, Norway, or anywhere else I’ve traveled.

The fantastic multitude and diversity of American businesses were stunning – with mom and pop shops, unique boutique shops, and specialist vendors. You can practically feel the passion of small and local business owners as you walk through one of those towns. It was such a distinct experience for me. This was a vibrant community and I want to be a part of it and help it flourish.

That’s why I launched Virtual Visibility Media.

Virtual Visibility Media is launched for small and local businesses

There are plenty of other companies that offer SEO and online marketing services. However, from what I could see, there weren’t enough that had a focus on helping smaller and local business owners. I didn’t see anyone trying to level the playing field, so to speak, as large national or international companies kept buying up leases and setting up their shops and websites.

That is the purpose and goal of Virtual Visibility Media. I want to help even the playing field between smaller and local businesses and the larger corporations that keep taking up a greater market share by the year. No matter if that’s through creating new business websites from scratch, or ensuring that local SEO and business listings are up to date. Moreover, I want to make running a business website the easiest thing on the local business owner’s to-do list. Running a small and local business is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to dedicate hours upon hours to updating and maintaining your website.

Our goal is to make SEO and online marketing accessible and easy, without breaking the bank. We believe that having an excellent business website for artisans, boutique shops, small and local businesses should and can be easy. It’s a lofty goal, but I believe it’s very achievable. My ultimate aim is that my efforts not only help your business thrive enough to maintain the amazing diversity you already offer to your local community, but that you also increase your profits. You’re already offering gold to the local community, and I want to make sure there’s plenty of it.

Want to know more about Christoffer, Virtual Visibility Media, and what we can do for you?

I hope I’ve been able to give you some context as to what I aim to achieve long term with Virtual Visibility Media. At the same time, I hope you see my passion for delivering exceptional work and results to our clients. I want to provide expert SEO services to local businesses, and I want to make sure our services make dealing with your online presence a breeze.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. You can reach us here, schedule a call, or get in touch through our contact form below. We very much look forward to hearing from you and helping your business grow.

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