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The security of your e-commerce site and relation to SEO

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There is no denying that maintaining the safety of your e-commerce site is critical. It extends beyond solely ensuring good transaction security, while this is, of course, vital for any online business. There are many negative consequences of failing to have proper security measures in place for your online business. Additionally, if your e-commerce site […]

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Keywords, search terms, and a keyword strategy – differences and benefits

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As more and more businesses start to establish their online presence, and begin to dig into the SEO world, new questions rise to the surface. Among those is understanding the difference between “search term” and “search keyword”. In general, the difference is rather straightforward. Search terms are what the user enters into a search engine. […]

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Small Business Branding From The Start

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For small business branding, the need to have a home base online is more important today than ever. More and more companies are seeing the value that having an online presence represents. The massive expansion in the potential customer base that comes with having an e-commerce site is self-explanatory. However, you need to ensure that […]

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SEO Discount Initiative for Small Businesses

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SEO Discount Initiative Kickoff! We have decided to kick off our small business SEO Discount Initiative! We’re also happy that this kickoff coincides perfectly with National Small Business Week! With our national and international SEO experience, we wish to more actively promote and help small and local businesses. As some of you might know, we are […]