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At Virtual Visibility Media, it’s our mission to make SEO as accessible as possible to a wide range of businesses. Too many local and small businesses shy away from thinking about SEO. Costs, return on investment (ROI), and the complexities of SEO can be daunting. However, as a locally based Buffalo SEO company, our goal is simple. Our mission is to make it easy to understand, make it easy to see what you get for your money, and most importantly: increase your ranking in crucial search engines like Google.

If you search for “Buffalo SEO company,” “Best Buffalo SEO,” or “Buffalo SEO expert” you come across of a huge number of sites all stating they’re the best. We can’t speak for them, but what we can do is provide you with top quality SEO services at honest rates. We always go above and beyond to make sure you have the support and help you need to increase your online traffic and sales.

Let This Buffalo Based SEO Company Improve Your Competitive Edge

Increase Search Visibility

We’ll look at search ranking factors & find what’s holding you back from ranking in local searches. We’ll use our SEO expertise to find the optimal keywords that present your best chances for ranking your small business.

Win More Customer

We’ll help any way we can, from web design feedback to optimizing the content of your web pages. All in the pursuit of increasing traffic and conversion. Our goal is to increase your customer numbers in a natural way.

Increase Your Sales

As new visitors are drawn to your site, made aware of your physical store, or start purchasing from your online shop you’ll see your sales soar. We’re excited to provide you with excellent SEO services in Buffalo & WNY.

Balance Quality and Cost

We work to make SEO affordable and accessible to small businesses. This is why we provide the best possible quality at a price that works for small business. If you own a small business in Buffalo, NY – we’re here for you.

Regular SEO Reports

It’s important to touch base on a regular basis to successfully manage and run any project. This is why we provide regular, detailed SEO reports for as little as $29.99, or for free as part of our SEO campaigns.

Your New Team Member

We’ve developed a structured and effective way of learning about your business. With this knowledge we’ll be able to create fantastic and valuable content for your business’ site & become your new team member.

Local Buffalo Search Engine Optimization

As a Buffalo-based SEO agency, we’re familiar with the challenges local and small businesses face in getting new customers. These days, it’s vital to have a clear and visible online presence even if your business is entirely driven by in-store sales. Foot traffic is strongly dictated by online pre-purchase research.

People of all ages Google what restaurants to go to, which takeout services to get, what stores to visit, and whether a business has good reviews. All of this happens before walking out the front door of their apartment. In the US, more than 80% of shoppers look at online reviews of products and services while in the pre-purchase stage.

In other words, if you’re not visible and accessible online, you’re losing ground to competitors left, right, and center. We can create customized SEO campaigns to help your business reach your target audience. We’ll help you attract your ideal customer through organic search. Our SEO for Buffalo companies will help drive foot traffic to your storefront and increase your overall organic traffic.

Why Investing in SEO and Online Marketing is Critical

Purchasing habits are changing, and they’re changing quickly. It’s not long ago that business owners of all sizes were focusing on targeting millennials. Now, Generation Z is starting to make an impact on the economy. The overwhelming conclusion is that online marketing and investing in online visibility is paramount. This is why we have a small business discount initiative for our SEO consultations. We want to provide our SEO services in Buffalo at a rate that works for artisans and small businesses in our area.

Online Research Informs Millennials’ Spending Habits

Recent studies have continued to underline this, since millennials make 54% of their purchases online. Not to mention that the internet is probably the biggest influencer on their awareness and decision stage of the buyer’s journey. No less than 83% say that online content plays a decisive role in their decision making process. It’s also easy to wrongly categorize millennials and assume they’re all young with limited spending power. However, millennials are between 23 and 38 years old (as of 2019). Keep in mind, Generation Z are just around the corner and they grew up Googling just about everything.

Mobile search is reshaping local, physical buying habits

If you’re a local Buffalo business owner running a shop, clothing store, or café you’ve no doubt noticed changes over the last few years. For example, research has found that foot traffic in retail stores has declined by 57%. However, while visits are few and far between, they are becoming increasingly valuable. Research conducted by Mastercard has found that the value of each visit has increased trifold.  

The conclusion is basically universal: smartphones and mobile search have overhauled the consumer decision process for people of all ages. This makes SEO ever more important. To put it bluntly: Can you really afford not to invest in SEO and search engine marketing?

Please don’t hesitate to make use of our free-to-use SEO site audit. It’ll give you a sample of how your site’s health is currently performing. It crawls your site and assess it in real time against best practice SEO parameters.

SEO site audit sample CTA image

SEO provides long term ROI

Being in the city of Buffalo provides a range of fantastic ways for you to promote your business. However, there are big differences between more old-fashioned marketing efforts and what you get from investing in, for example, local Buffalo SEO. For one thing, there’s a massive difference in the life cycle of the investment you make between local physical, paper, and television marketing and an investment into localized WNY SEO.

Traditional marketing provides short term ROI

With traditional marketing your ad will run for however long you paid the radio or tv station, or be featured in a news ad until that also inevitably expires. The difference with SEO is that you’ll be visible, available, and accessible for as long as you have your site. In other words, the longevity of your investment isn’t even comparable.

That doesn’t mean that it’s not worth investing in traditional marketing. There are still opportunities and value in ads for the local or regional newspaper. Another significant difference is that print ads and tv ads are targeting literally anyone who watches cable or reads the paper. With a WNY SEO approach (mainly meaning a local and keyword specific SEO strategy) you’ll be visible to potential customers who are actively looking for companies just like yours. This significantly improves your chances of converting a viewer to a customer, for obvious reasons.

Digital marketing and local SEO lasts with the right SEO implementation

Chances are you’re already paying for hosting, your e-commerce platform, and many other elements simply by having your website online. With Buffalo SEO targeting, you’ll be able to make the money you’re already investing into your online presence work for you – effectively giving you more value for money on what you’re already spending.

The other important aspect here is that you’re the publisher of your own content. This makes content marketing (an integral part of SEO) and on-site content creation a very potent investment.

Let’s run a quick SEO content ROI example.

Let us say you invest $200 in a top quality piece of content for your business’ website. That content piece generates, say, five leads worth $150 during the course of a year. That’s still a solid 275% ROI.

How to perform a rudimentary content ROI calculation.
The basic ROI formula is: Net Profit / Total Investment * 100 = ROI

  1. Establish your Net Profit.
    To get the Net Profit, you subtract the cost of the content, or the Total Investment, (TI) from the sum total of sales generated by the content (S) to get the net profit (NP)

    S – TI = NP
    In this example: $750 – $200 = $550

  2. Divide your Net Profit by Total Investment to establish Return Fraction
    Divide the Net Profit sum from step 1 (NP) by the cost of the content (TI) to get the ROI represented as a fraction (RF)

    NP / TI = RF
    In this example: $550 / $200 = 2.75

  3. Multiply the ROI fraction (RF) by 100 (P) to get the ROI percentage (RP)

    RF x P = RP
    In this example: 2.75 x 100% = 275%

However, we’re not looking at the lifetime value of the content piece. If it’s maintained and designed to provide value for the long haul, its lifetime ROI can be significantly higher. It’s also important to consider the overall improvement of a site when a strategic and careful SEO campaign is implemented.

Buffalo Search Engine Optimization in a nutshell

We’re not here to proclaim that we’re the best Buffalo SEO company, or that we’re nationally leading internet marketers. In our opinion, there are too many who claim those titles without offering providing evidence from third parties to back them up. What we will say is that we deliver results to our clients and we do it at a cost that allows them to grow – with a healthy ROI. We’ll also provide some screenshots of what we’ve achieved and how we help our clients reach the top of the search engine pages.

Site traffic increase by more than 100%

As you can see here, we started implementing our technical SEO fixes in February 2018. We did this after conducting a full-scale SEO site audit, to ensure we had a complete view of the site’s performance. As a consequence, we began to get results immediately as we eliminated serious negative ranking factors quickly and efficiently. However, in order to continue to grow, we needed to focus on on-site SEO. We began producing content that got attention and traffic as well as updating existing content to a higher standard. Over the course of a year we’ve seen a search visitor growth of 110%.

Over 140% increase in top 3 ranking keywords

After fixing the serious and potentially harmful elements of the site, and optimizing existing content both from an SEO and editorial perspective, we saw keyword rankings grow quickly. This site saw a 141.2% increase in Top 3 ranking keywords in the search result page of Google.

Almost 200% increase in Top 10 ranking keywords

The total number of ranking keywords in position 4 to 10 also increased in a stable and consistent manner over the last 12 months. We saw an increase of 192% – quite a substantial growth!

These results were achieved with a cautious, thorough, and consistent approach that implements best practice SEO. That’s the type of results we wish to replicate more often for small businesses in WNY. It’s also one of the reasons we’re offering our SEO services in Buffalo at a discount for artisan, local, and small businesses.

Let Virtual Visibility Media Provide You with the Buffalo SEO You’re Looking For

Do you want to truly compete against the bigger brands and start attracting both online and in-store visitors? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to make SEO as accessible as possible for a wider range of businesses. If you run a local or small business, then it’s time to start investing in SEO.

SEO can be a little intimidating, but it shouldn’t be. That’s one of the reasons we encourage our subscribers to suggest topics we can cover on our blog. That way we can shed some light on topics that might concern you when it comes to SEO, online marketing, and even social media marketing. At Virtual Visibility Media, we want to make SEO as easy and accessible as possible for local and small businesses no matter their budget or industry.

If you’re a small or local business owner and want to increase your online visibility, remember we run a small business SEO discount initiative. This works by providing discount rates on our SEO consultations with no minimum payment required. If you’d like to discuss the SEO and online marketing needs of your business we’re always available. Simply contact us here or use our contact form below.

We offer 35% to 50% off on services to qualified local and small businesses - making SEO accessible & easy!