Virtual Visibility Media

Introducing Our Online Presence Blog

Welcome to Virtual Visibility Media, Inc!

We’re very happy you’re here, and to have this opportunity to welcome you to our site and our online presence blog. We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves, why we do what we do, what you’ll find on our blog going forward, and so on.

A little bit about us


As you’re going to be hearing mostly from me for the time being, I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Christoffer, and I’m the founder and CEO of Virtual Visibility Media. While I am Norwegian, I studied at the University of York, England, where I met my awesome wife, and later worked in the UK over the last 7 years. I have some fantastic experiences and a multitude of memories from working in the UK in some of the most challenging SEO niches out there. My wife and I recently started a new chapter in our life together, as I now live with her in the US. 

Which brings us here: I want to use the experience and expertise I gained in England to help American businesses, both large and small, with the newly founded SEO and Online Marketing company, Virtual Visibility Media. Having managed a multitude of campaigns ranging from local to international, and seeing some fantastic results, I thought this kind of growth is exactly what I want to bring to small to medium businesses (SMB) in the US.

Here and now

We are ready to bring our expertise to your business. From my experience in the UK, I found that there are certain aspects of SEO that makes access to it marginally inhibiting or discouraging for smaller businesses. Clarity, understanding, and customization have been lacking for businesses who wish to engage in improving their SEO. Having worked in some of the toughest SEO niches out there, we bring a lot of experience to the table. This is why we designed our services in the way we did. We want to empower our potential clients as much as possible, so they can feel confident going into the process of engaging our services.

Our mission and services

One of the great things about America is its SMB’s.  Small business owners, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the commitment to local communities is brilliant! The pride and joy that is evident in the work that’s being done, and the stout belief that you are the master of your own prosperity, is something we wish to be part of, and help enable.

Why do we offer SEO solutions for SMBs?

There are, of course, many ways to help enable prosperity and partake in the growth of companies. So why do we do this through SEO? We firmly believe that the time in which SMB’s and traditional brick-and-mortar businesses didn’t need a well crafted online presence to remain competitive is well and truly behind us. It is still possible to operate without it, but you are continuously losing part of your share of the market by not engaging online. The grocery war between Amazon and Walmart is a good example, though of larger proportions, of how the traditional physical store has taken a decisive step towards combating the highly fluid online retailer. This is not a new development by any means. The bookstore industry met with similar challenges a almost two decades or so ago, against the same giant; Amazon. It is our belief that a do-no-harm policy in terms of your business now truly excludes neglecting your online presence. We particularly liked the way Brian Deagon put it in his recent article, on, on the Amazon vs. Walmart clash

“The lines separating traditional from online retail are disappearing”

That is why it is our mission at Virtual Visibility Media to help bring small to medium businesses online or to further improve the virtual visibility of those with an existing online presence. I’ve seen fantastic results for small and large companies alike across the pond, and we want to bring that type of growth and prosperity to businesses that do fantastic work here. While some might be tempted to believe that they still have time and that they can focus on engaging online in the future, we believe the future is already here. We strongly believe that soon there will be no business without an online component – whatever the industry.

Why do we offer 3 different main SEO services?

The problem we wish to address

One of the main problems companies face when looking to improve their user experience online,  is that often an understanding of SEO is a necessary prerequisite before being able to use the services that are out there. Consequently, this makes it harder for new companies to venture into the online sphere, and centralize the market around bigger companies with a larger budget.

Our approach to solving this

Therefore, in an effort to alleviate this, we wanted to design three primary products that address specific needs. For example, on the one hand, our SEO report subscription solution is focused on providing knowledge and insight that can help improve your online presence. It is specifically useful for those acknowledging the need for SEO, while aren’t in a position where they feel comfortable with investing significantly in their online presence. On the other hand, we also appreciate that there are plenty of business out there who recognize that now is the time to greatly improve their online visibility.

This is why we have our highly customizable SEO campaigns solutions. However – not all companies find themselves needing a full campaign, nor do they need to start understanding how their online presence is doing. Many companies simply need assistance in improving specific elements of their online engagement. That’s where our SEO outsource solutions come in. This is more relevant for companies that have an established online presence, and need assistance with, for example, their blog or content marketing.

The freedom of choice

Regardless of which of our solutions you might want to look into, you will find that we are happy to take the time to explain what you get, how it can benefit you, and we emphasize the customizable elements of our product. We have designed it this way because we want to enable you to make informed decisions in this business-critical component of how you and your company can retain your competitive edge and improve your customers’ experience with you.

Our Online Presence Blog

Ideally, this blog will serve as a resource for you in a way that is very similar to our products.  It will function as a resource for you to be able to see possibilities, learn about SEO and virtual visibility through content marketing. We also aim to conduct interviews with various businesses that have brilliant stories of how they succeeded online and other case studies that provide insights that are useful for you. Of course, I would love to hear from you, what issues you’ve faced, what solutions you wish were out there, or topics you wish to see discussed. If you have a story about your brand or company and wish to share your online success with the wider community, please get in touch with us so we can work on helping each other! I also want to outline some simple engagement guidelines. Let’s keep it friendly and professional, and if you include links in your comments, be aware that these comments will be reviewed before being posted. If you’re using a domain and URL link as your name when commenting on our blog, unfortunately it will not be approved. If you have a business blog, or personal blog for that matter,  I encourage you to do the same. That’s just good SEO practice!

If there are any topics you’d like to see discussed, elements of small business online marketing you feel are underrepresented, or simply wish to share your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below.