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  • Google Shopping: Good news for local SMBs!
    There is potentially some very good news for small and local businesses coming from Google, as they announced on Tuesday (4/21) that the Google Shopping tab results will feature free products listings drawn from search results. As a small, Hamburg-based business ourselves we’ve been actively looking for positive news, and Tuesday this week seem to […]
  • Advice for small & local businesses on minimizing the impact of coronavirus
    While we’ve so far been relatively lucky in terms of exposure to the virus in Buffalo, we already experience the negatives effects that come with dealing with the coronavirus. Over this past week, our team has been discussing potential solutions with various local business owners (across industries), marketing experts, and others, to our current challenges. […]
  • The Content Marketing Funnel: The 2020 Buyer’s Journey Guide
    The buyer’s journey is changing as search is changing both online and offline shopping habits. Find out why the content marketing funnel is the best way to go to improve your sales, increase conversion, and boost retention. And how you can do it today!
  • Website enhancement: Top 3 reasons your business’ site doesn’t convert
    Creating a user-friendly and informative website is critical to the success of your business. This is why it’s so important to focus on website enhancement. Too many business websites suffer from low conversion rates as a result of some very common problems. From a poor user interface to incoherent branding or a lack of call-to-action […]
  • How SEO and e-commerce site security fits together
    There is a multitude of reasons why the security of your e-commerce site must be taken seriously. There are also positives we gain from a secure site, both from a user perspective and a ranking perspective. Get tips on how to improve the security of your e-commerce site and its role in SEO.
  • Comment Spam and Poor SEO: A Business Owner Introduction
    Considering to hire someone to create links for you? Just seen this resulted in comment spam tarnishing your brand? Learn what to do today!
  • The Madness of Marketing: A Closer Look at Apple’s $999 Pro Stand
    It’s madness of Apple to charge close to a $1K for their Pro Stand. However, is it really that crazy? Let’s take a closer look at this stand.

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