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Enter your information below and we’ll get started on your free site review!

All you need to do to get a free, no obligation review of your site is to enter your information below. We’ll send you an email to confirm that you’re on our to-do list within the next 2 days.

What you get

After we confirm you on our list, we will review your site and send you the results within the next week. 
We use top of the line software when reviewing your site. Still, our SEO experts do go through it manually to make sure you get the advice you need – in a way that makes sense. 

The “action items” on your review may be things you or your web developer can take care of easily on your own, or they may be items that you would want to discuss with a professional like us. That’s entirely up to you. 


Do I have to enter any payment information?

No, this is a no obligation request. It’s completely free. We offer this service to give some free pointers to local WNY businesses.

Why do you offer this, if it’s free?

Our core business is helping business owners generate more leads and we find that providing this service for free to local businesses helps us getting some goodwill and hopefully results in obtain clients and get referrals in the long run. It works out in the end for us, and it provides a great free service to WNY businesses.

I’ve submitted my information, but I haven’t heard anything back. What now?

If you recently requested your free site review, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We confirm that you’re on our list within two days – and complete the site review within a week.
If it’s been longer than this, something isn’t quite right. Please check your spam folder in your emails and look for an email from us. Should that prove a waste, please email us – something must’ve gone wrong on our end.

What do I get by requesting a free site review?

We analyze your site and give you feedback on the following:
– Competitor landscape evaluation (seeing if there are vital keywords your being outperformed on and how we can try to push you up the search results pages)
– Technical site audit (to look for issues directly holding your site back)
– Quick-win keyword opportunities (so you’re visible for new keywords that can bring in more keywords)
– General recommendations