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What do you look for in your new site?

Are you looking to create and launch your business’ first website? Or are you looking to create and re-launch your business site with an updated, refined look? If either of those situations sound familiar, then you need to get it done right the first time around – getting your branding, messaging, and value proposition done on point in order to have your site generate qualified leads and value to your business from launch. 

Ideally, even if you haven’t had any online presence before, you want to be able to attract thousands of visitors quickly – and hopefully within three to six months, right? If any of this sounds like what you’re looking for – you’ve come to the right place!

What we do for our clients looking to relaunch their business website with an overhaul or looking to launch their first site is to… 

Focused on improving branding with web copy

… help create and design their website, honing in on their unique Tone of Voice, while narrowing down what makes them unique.

Grown number of visitors, without losing focus on leads

… help establish thousands of visitors to brand new websites, ensuring qualified lead generation from the get-go.

Bridged ideals and profit value

… made sure their business websites aren’t just a business critical expense – it’s a sales and profit generator while representing their company values and ideals online. 

Addressed customer needs while increasing conversion rates

… helped ensure a customer-first thinking, where we align business goals with the customers’ journey and needs. Optimizing for conversion and customer satisfaction.

What can you expect from a site (re)launch?

All websites start out with the potential of success. However, what determines what kind of results you can expect rests on what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.

For example, if you want to grow sustainably with a predictable cost over time, a minimum 6 month engagement from launch is what will deliver you the results that correlate to your costs preferences.

On the other hand, if you want to grow rapidly even before your site’s redesign or rebuild is launched and in the first months, the way to deliver you the results you expect, you get need to involve a heavier investment in paid social and Google ads channels in addition to the web design, site architecture, content and Search Engine Optimization. 

Of course, it’s easier to grow traffic if you already have some established visitors to an existing site – for then to nurture and optimize from the information available through tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. 

That said, even if you start from scratch with a new business with no pre-existing brand recognition or previous website – we can achieve great results for you.

If you’re concerned that results won’t come to you if you’re not necessarily in the most exciting, social media friendly industry – don’t worry. 

Here’s a web creation and launch case study with organic search (more on that below) KPI’s from a business to business client of ours in the payment processing industry.

From scratch case study

the client

Completely new brand

While the client themselves have plenty of experience in the industry, their new brand and website was entirely new with no history or established track record - it's an entirely independent brand..

No pre-existing web presence

We started with no social media presence, no website, or any brand recognition online anywhere.

In need of a "brand voice"

While we generally knew who we wanted to reach, we didn't know exactly how to best reach them and what type of brand voice would best resonate with this customer group.

No pre-set brand guidelines

With this new brand, there were few brand guidelines in terms of style sheet, tone of voice guidelines, or messaging.

The strategy

Our client hired us to help them create a new website and establish brand search and service search organic traffic (website visitors arriving from search engines like Google).

As the client’s brand was new to the financial sector, it was important for us and them to ensure our strategy focused on creating a site that not only provided high-level content that demonstrate  their expertise with ease – we wanted to build and establish a baseline brand recognition, with a steady flow of traffic from brand name searches. The strategy encompassed:

Website design, branding, and structure

Together with the client, we landed on some clear value and ideal baselines that helped shape and form the general branding principles we would apply to the website design. This included light-heartedness, focus on emotion, and being entirely focused on solving their customers’ pain points. With this in place, we could much more easily create a web design that fit this friendly, yet expertise-laden, business profile. At the same time, it gave us the tools we needed to strategically build the correct website infrastructure to accommodate both the intended visitor and optimize it for search engine crawlers (enforcing good SEO practices). 

Initial 6-month customer solution focused content production plan

On the back of establishing the focus of the brand, we created a content production plan that looked at directly addressing specific customer problems. With their expertise and our SEO copy writing and SEO strategy, we were able to produce content on a regular basis consistently leading up to the launch date and beyond. 

Initial 6-month outreach and social media interaction and publication schedule

As it was vital to start establishing brand recognition and gaining both credibility as a brand and authority in their business niche, we created an content marketing plan to establish external signals (like authority backlinks and featured articles in industry magazines/publications) coupled with regular, consistent social media activities. 

Consistency post website launch

In order for us to ensure that the hard work that went into the creation of their brand new business website didn’t go to waste by a lack of activity or consistency,  a crucial part of the strategy was to continue to create high-quality content that address their customers’ needs. Not only does this help build them up as an authority, it helps cement their website as a valuable resource for their intended target audience. 

The key performance indicators

How do we measure success?

As we were hired to establish website visitors coming from search engines like Google that click through and visit their site, we examine our results based on the following metrics; 

  1. How many visitors did the client receive from search engines.
    • This tells us whether the site is performing well in search engines in the first place
  2. How well are we reaching our intended audience, and how well are we addressing visitor needs. We interpret this along follow the following lines;
    • If there are no leads and many page visits on average per visitor means we’re addressing interest – but not convincing the visitor that the client solves their problem. 
    • If there are no leads and very few page visits on average per visitor means we’re not addressing our visitor’s interest, and therefore we can forget about convincing them of anything.
    • If there is a high number of leads, with a high number of pages per visitor on average means we’re addressing a wide range of interest from people considering solutions to people ready to make a purchase.
    • If there is a high number of leads, with a low number of pages per visitor on average means we’re addressing an urgent interest very effectively to an audience ready to commit to a purchase to solve their problem.
  3. How well are we establishing a base level of brand recognition?
    • For a completely new brand for a smaller business, we expect to achieve at least some regular traffic arriving through branded searches in search engines.

The results

What we achieved

As with all organic traffic focused Search Engine Optimization projects, it takes time before results start coming. The good news is that when it’s done correctly, it will be able to gain more traction down the road – without dictating an increase in project spend (investing more in SEO is optional even when results and ROI start coming in thick and fast). 

In Q1, we achieved:

  1. Website traffic: 300+
  2. Leads: Zero
  3. Branded search traffic: Zero

In Q2, we achieved:

  1. Website traffic: 2.300+
  2. Leads: 270+ at an > 11% CR
  3. Branded search traffic: 7.5 %

In Q3, we achieved:

  1. Website traffic: 4.100+
  2. Leads: 630+ at an > 15% CR
  3. Branded search traffic: 9.2 %

In Q4, we achieved:

  1. Website traffic: 5.200+
  2. Leads: 590+ at an > 11% CR
  3. Branded search traffic: 9 %

Over 12 months the website gained: 

Just shy of 12 thousand website visits, where visitors averaging just about 2 pages per visit.

This generated just shy of 1500 qualified leads, at a conversion rate (CR) above 12 per cent, or in other words, one hundred and twenty plus leads per month, over 12 months.

What this is telling us is that we gained a very respectable amount of organic traffic, meaning the site performs more than well in search engines.

It’s telling us that the messages and website copy we put in place on our client’s site very effectively address their customers’ needs, as they rarely needed to visit more than one or two pages before a large portion realized that our client offer the solution to their problem.

It’s also telling us that our client’s brand name recognition is starting to cement itself, as close to one in ten searches at the end of the year was their brand name. 

In short, we now know the business website we helped create and launch did indeed perform as hoped, positioning them ideally towards their unique target audience, while ensuring that the site generates a high number of leads per visitor. A good day for all!

How much does a create and (re)launch project cost?

The cost for creating and (re)launching a business website depends on how big your website is and needs to be. It also depends on your goals (longer-term sustainable growth with lower level consistent investment versus short-term exponential growth with a high-level initial long-tail investment). At it’s core, it entirely depends on what you wish to achieve, how you want to achieve it, and what resources are already available from your end.

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