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SEO Discount Initiative for Small Businesses

SEO Discount Initiative Kickoff!

We have decided to kick off our small business SEO Discount Initiative! We’re also happy that this kickoff coincides perfectly with National Small Business Week! With our national and international SEO experience, we wish to more actively promote and help small and local businesses.

As some of you might know, we are based in Buffalo, New York. The other day, after having walked through Orchard Park, East Aurora, Hamburg, and other villages in the Buffalo vicinity, inspiration struck.

SEO discount initiative pamphlet

SEO and Small Businesses

For us, small businesses have always been important. Yet as we began to take in the extent of diversity that was on display, we realized that we could do more. We saw great new artisan bakeries, craft beer bars, and independently owned pilates studios. We saw long-standing bowling alleys, restaurants, and martial arts clubs. This made us think to ourselves; we want to encourage this diversity with an SEO discount initiative program!

This is why we’re launching our small and local business discount initiative. We want to make it easy for you to start taking advantage of having an online home base without breaking the bank. If you wish to know in detail what potential savings you can receive, visit our SEO consulting services page.

We also want to give Buffalo artisans an added benefit for using our services. Therefore, artisans can now receive a larger starting discount, as well as a continued discount after their initial hours with us.

What you can save

In short, artisans can save up to $1200 for the first 30 hours (think 2-3 months). Depending on your situation as a small business, you can save $840 to $960. We’ve also included long-term discounts for certain small businesses as well.

SEO consultations - 35 to 50 off 30 hours for artisans,small businesses

What we aim to achieve is to help maintain the brilliantly diverse and creative industries and businesses we’ve come across during our time here in Buffalo.

If you’ve been considering your online visibility, and want to take advantage of our SEO consultation discount initiative, contact us today. Simply fill out the contact form, and we can get started helping you as soon as possible!

Happy National Small Business Week!!

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