SEO Campaigns

Tailored SEO Campaigns,
also known as The Battle Plans

Our tailored SEO campaigns are deeply focused on our client’s goals and aspirations. Generally, we advise being comprehensive when you’re in the planning and strategy development stage. This ensures that you will have a thorough and encompassing campaign that starts on the right foot. However, we recognize that not everyone has the budget to allocate for this, so we adapt. With an equally adaptive process for all campaigns, we will be able to give you the tailored SEO campaigns you’re looking for. We’ve also got you covered if you’re looking for other SEO services.

To deliver the results and quality you need, we tailor and build our SEO campaigns on these four cornerstones:

  • Your needs
  • Your current standing
  • Your goals
  • Your budget

These are your operational parameters, and we will always customize our solutions to fit these. Of course, as everyone knows, all projects are affected by the constraint triangle of cost, time, and scope. We will always be frank as to what we believe is the ideal balance for you. We’ll also give constructive advice on how you can optimize these aspects of your business with us.

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What Do You Get With Tailored SEO Campaigns?

Our SEO campaigns are individually different, that said we do include several of the same key features across all campaigns to a certain extent.

For your convenience, we will list the main features that we will provide in our tailored SEO campaigns. Either in your final signed off campaign, or during the earlier steps in our onboarding process.

The features we offer in our SEO campaigns

With our campaigns you will find that most features have a direct cost-scope correlation. For example, content creation or editing will cost more if you want 20, rather than 5 articles a month. It all depends on how deep you want us to dig and engage with the details of your site.

However, we want to give you an excellent product, and ensure your company benefits. This means that if there is a discrepancy between your goals, budget, scope, and milestones, we want to be open about this from the the start. Neither of us will benefit from going into a project with inaccurate assumptions. It is important that we acknowledge, communicate, and overcome the fact that we will have points of reference that differ. After all, good communication is crucial for a healthy, growing partnership. We’re in this campaign together. The better your results, the happier we will both be.

Our tailored SEO campaigns are flexible in price, though we will inform you of any limits we come across and how cost will affect quality delivery. This enables us to create the quality and value you want. While all our campaigns are built around each individual partner, they also have certain features that are practically universal.

These cornerstone features include:

  • Technical SEO Site Audit
  • Detailed SEO Strategy
  • Copy & Content Editing &/or Creation
  • Outreach Content Marketing
  • Continuous Performance & Risk Assessment
  • The Standard SEO Report Package

For more details on technical SEO audits, content creation and editing, and outreach, visit our SEO Outsource Solutions page. For details on the included report, see our customized SEO report package page, fondly named “the curiosity packages”.

How Much Should You Invest in SEO Campaigns?

That is the penultimate question. It is a question that is particularly difficult to answer when you are the one selling the product. So, rather than breaking it down, we would like to refer to statistics and data from SearchEngineJournal’s research on the SEO market.

“Industry/Business Spending Statistics
$65 billion: The amount that companies spent on SEO in 2016. (Borrell Associates)
$72.02 billion: The estimated amount brands and agencies in the United States will shell out for SEO services in 2018. The amount is forecasted to rise up to $79.27 billion by 2020. (Borrell Associates)
>$5,000: The monthly amount majority of businesses are spending on SEO. (Moz)
77.8 percent of US search ad revenues for 2017 is expected to be earned by Google. (eMarketer)”

– Danny Goodwin, Search Engine Journal

If you are new to SEO and investing in online activities, the numbers above can seem intimidating. Don’t worry,  you don’t have to shell out $10,000 a month if you’re a small, local boutique and you want to organically rank well and be spotted online.

Context is very important, and as with all markets, the SEO market have varying degrees of difficulty depending on the niche/industry in which our clients operate. After all, if you are in a very specific niche, say, selling fan-art handmade scented candles online, you don’t need to outperform Walmart. You need to be seen above your competitors.

This is why it is very important that we prioritize creating a dialogue with you. This will ensure that we are able to know all that we can, contextualize the campaign, and deliver in a manner that creates value for your business.

Should I invest in AdWords or SEO?

This is a very common question that everyone specializing in either field will come across time and again. Honestly, we’re a bit biased answering this question. We are, after all, specializing in SEO. The way we see it is if your SEO is really bad, it doesn’t matter how much money you throw at AdWords or similar paid listings. The way we see it, this is the bottom line, and why we diverted towards SEO and organic search. But you might be looking for more than our thoughts on the matter, which is why we will refer to a third party for this next example. 

One very interesting piece of information is that for “distinct search queries in Google, only 3.4% resulted in a click on an AdWords (paid) ad”. This is very telling. We want our partners to become organically chosen above their competitor. We want them to become the go-to place for their target audience because of great products, services, and customer experience, and generally have an excellent experience when engaging with our clients online. This is the root of our tailored SEO campaigns, and it is at the core of our products.

We advise that the foundation of your online investment should be in SEO and organic search, rather than AdWords and paid aids. That said, there is nothing wrong with including Adwords as part of your online marketing plan for your business. In fact, AdWords can definitely give your online marketing a good boost. And, we are more than happy to help you with your AdWords campaign if you wish to add this to your tailored SEO campaigns with us.

“I don’t Know if an SEO Campaign is the Best for My Business”

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Just contact us using the button, or fill out the form below, and talk us through what you need. On the back of this we will together find the optimal solutions for you!