SEO Consulting Services

There are many reasons why SEO consulting services might be exactly what you need to help your business and website grow. In today’s online landscape so much is changing so fast. Just think back to the last 5 to 10 years and how much has changed since then. Now imagine how purchasing and shopping habits might change in the next 5 years alone. There’s a lot going on!

We understand that it can be difficult for small businesses to keep up with these constant changes. Dealing with the trends in how people buy and purchase just about anything online can be overwhelming. We want to help you through our SEO consulting services by bringing in our experience on a consultation basis. Giving you insights, advice, and things you can act on right away. We can give you access to the know-how you need to grow your business. Of course, if you’re looking for more “hands-on” options, we do offer various SEO services to choose from.

Our Small Business SEO Initiative

We are big fans of small and independently owned companies. We want to help artisans and small businesses continue their great work in keeping industries diverse and adding their personality to their communities’ everyday life. Therefore, we chose to run a discount program for artisan and small businesses for some of our services. While we run a universal 35% discount for the first 30 hours using our services for small businesses, there are additional discounts you may qualify for:

Artisan Discount

  • 50% off first 30 hours
  • 35% off on any additional hours

Special Small Business Discount

  • 40% off first 30 hours
  • 25% off on any additional hours

Additional Small Business Discount

  • 35% off first 30 hours
  • 15% off on any additional hours

Small Business Discount

  • 35% off first 30 hours

SEO Consulting Services

How SEO Consulting Services Can Help

What we can help you with depends on your situation. We’re not an online jack of all trades. What we do have is a wide array of skills that can significantly help your site’s performance. We will achieve this by providing you excellent SEO insights, coupled with valuable content expertise. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall digital marketing campaign, or specifically want to improve your content marketing, we can help. With an SEO expert on your side, you will gain an improved overall online presence in the short and long term.

By  improving rankings in search engines we will also help your site in terms of sales or lead generation. Above, you can see what we believe will help you. We’ve included some of the specific SEO service elements you’re likely to need the most, depending on your circumstances.

As you can see, SEO consulting is great for a variety of circumstances. Many small local businesses have done well for ages without having previously explored how they can grow with an online presence. Here our SEO consulting services will be able help you set up quickly, with a high-quality SEO strategy and the right elements in place from the start, so that you can grow online at an affordable rate.

We’ve also seen that plenty of small businesses have been using a DIY approach, and come out of it pretty ok. That’s great! In this case we will be able to help you further your knowledge and update your site to work for you even better. Through detailed a site audit, accompanying keyword research, we will help your national or local SEO improve.

Of course, should you already have a well performing site, our consultation services will be able to give you a fresh pair of eyes on your SEO strategy to further improve your performance with analytics, SEO audits, and SEO strategy development or evaluation. If you need help with link building, that is certainly something we can assist with. However, we would advice you use either our SEO campaign service or our SEO outsource structure for link building activities.

Of course, should you already have a well performing site, we will be able to give you a fresh pair of eyes to further improve your performance with analytics, SEO audits, and SEO strategy development and other internet marketing efforts. Our SEO consultancy services are focused on giving you the insight you need to make your site successful. We are also more than happy to be hands-on and for you to leave a lot of the implementation to us. If you’re looking for a situation where you can have a more hands-off approach, you might be better suited with our customized SEO campaigns. With the SEO campaigns, we will take on more of the heavy lifting.

A transparent and rewarding service

We want to make Search Engine Optimization easily accessible and simple for you to execute. Our SEO consulting services will give you direct insights with support and query assistance within 24 hours. We want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible when you start working with us and that you know what you get from hiring our services. Therefore, we will give you a 35% discount on your first 30 hours with us. Whether you hire us for more hours, or even decide not to use all 30, is up to you.

What does SEO consultations cost?

The rates for our SEO consulting services are at $80 an hour. We wish to give you every opportunity to get to know us, and get the results you need from our experience and expertise. We know that we are new in the neighborhood, and therefore put our rates lower that most of the costs we’ve quoted below.

To provide you with a transparent cost evaluation, there are several sources where you can learn a bit more about SEO costs. You can read a thorough breakdown of various costs by, who state that SEO hourly costs lie between $75 and $150. puts SEO consultancy services rates at around $100 to $200 per hour. places the common costs anywhere between $100 and $300 an hour.

Our consultations will give you an improved user experience, with lead generation funnels. An added content creation plan will also enable continued growth of your site. Contact us today if you want to kick-start your search marketing campaigns with us!


We offer 35% to 50% off on services to qualified local and small businesses - making SEO accessible & easy!