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If you’re looking to improve your search engine rankings and visibility online then outsourcing content creation for your website is one of the best ways to do it. We help local and small businesses with top quality blog content and B2C or B2B website copy at an affordable rate.

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Excellent web copy and blog content are vital for B2B and B2C websites. Displaying well-written content on your website improves both your visibility online and your conversion rate. Many businesses decide to hire writers and proofreading services. However, in order to create great content for any site, there’s simply more to it than writing eloquently. There needs to be a lot of consideration and planning when it comes to what you write and why you’ve published it.

At Virtual Visibility Media, we can help you create a content calendar built on a content strategy and relevant keyword research. After we present you with the content calendar, and you like what you see, we will start creating the content for your site. Of course, if you already have an SEO plan in place, we build on that. We are more than happy to create content for your different content funnels – ensuring that it converts visitors to customers down the line. We employ a rigid quality assurance process in our SEO content writing services. This QA process makes sure the content you receive is not only expertly written, but also employs SEO best practice.

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Feel free to contact us regarding your content needs through our contact form at the bottom of this page. You can also reach us here. Don’t worry if you’re looking for a quote for the content project you have in mind, we’re happy to give you an estimate and answer any questions you may have. If you are curious as to the benefits you’ll gain from outsourcing your website articles and content, please read on below. We also offer a wide range of other SEO services, should you need further SEO help in addition to content creation.

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Why take advantage of white label content creation?

Outsource Content Creation

It can be difficult to accurately identify the best keyword opportunities your various web pages rank for. Your product and service pages may well rank for keywords that are relevant, yet produce a low yield in terms of traffic – and therefore leads. By outsourcing your on-page SEO content creation you can feel confident that your web content is indeed optimized and will appear in search results. With high-quality content that target keywords with the right balance between difficulty and volume, your various web pages will rank better.

Difference between copywriting and content writing

When it comes to creating content for websites, you will often come across the terms “copywriting” and “content writing.” The distinction between these terms lies in the purpose for which an article or page was written. Copywriting is a term mostly used in promotional and advertising content, while content writing is usually more entertaining and enticing.

Practically speaking, copywriting is what you have on your main landing page(s) and often has stronger, purchase-heavy calls to action. Content writing is what you should use mostly for your business website’s blog or news section. However, ideally, you should ensure that there’s a clear correlation between your SEO copywriting and your SEO content creation.

While content is king, its impact depends on your content distribution. It doesn’t have to be hard and we’re more than happy to help you attract customers through social media marketing services.

Use an SEO strategy for your content

Having an SEO strategy for both types of content will strengthen your ability to create what’s called “content funnels.” These funnels ensure that your website caters to your potential customers’ questions, and will, therefore, appear in their search results. When both of these content types are created closely together, your site will become more coherent. Additionally, you will want your SEO strategy to work for both content types. Having an overarching SEO strategy for your content will make life much easier for the content creators, while increasing the probability of your site ranking highly.

Why you should create different types of content

In our experience, one of the best ways to describe why you really should create different content types is through a practical example. Let’s assume you’re a mechanic and you own a garage. Your business is to fix cars, so why should you have a website? This is where different content types can be extremely useful. Excellent content that targets different stages in the buyers’ journey makes a real difference when converting visitors to leads. You can create excitement and intrigue. Encourage consideration and evaluation of your services, and ultimately: sales.

Different types of content – example

There are many different kinds of content out there. If you’re familiar with content marketing, you’ve likely come across the phrases “Top of the Funnel,” “Middle of the Funnel,” and “Bottom of the Funnel” content. These content types refer to the different stages a visitor/searcher is at when approaching a page on your site. Or, it refers to the intent of the who your page is intended for. It can be a little convoluted, so after the infographic, we will break it down in an example.

Content Sales Funnel

Top of the Funnel Content

Someone is at home, and about to head to work. They turn the key to try to start their car – but nothing is happening. They don’t really know anything about cars, so they google “why doesn’t my car start?” If your car workshop has what we call “Top of the Funnel” content, you will have an article called something like “Top 5 reasons your car won’t start.” The searcher will see this article, and go through the list until they find the most likely culprit.

Middle of the Funnel Content

In the same “Top 5” article, you will have internal links going to your more dedicated product/service landing pages. These pages are either what we call “Bottom of the Funnel,” or  “Middle of the Funnel” content. Overall, “Middle of the Funnel” content aims at those who were curious as to why their car didn’t start. With a well constructed MoFu (yes, that’s the acronym) page these visitors went from curious to now considering your services. In the content marketing world, they went from the “curiosity” stage to the “awareness” stage in one article.

Bottom of the Funnel Content

However, if we assume that they haven’t quite decided who should fix their car, they will do another search. The next search they might do could be something like “best car shop to fix ignition problems, NY, Buffalo”. This is where having additional content helps. By having an article or page called something like “Best ignition garage in Buffalo,” chances are they will choose you. In that piece, you can highlight the benefits of choosing you and have a clear call to action. It’s as simple as that.

In other words, you should have content that is informative and answer your potential customers’ questions. Additionally, it should answer the questions depending on where they are in their purchase decision-making process. There are a few benefits to this. Firstly, your site will rank for a myriad of keywords that are extremely useful to you and your business. Secondly, your site will also start accumulating customers on its own. On top of all this, its all without you having to do a “hard sell” to convince them. This applies equally to B2B content, and applying the content funnel process can successfully reach decision-makers as well. 

Outsource your blog and website content creation needs

One of the clearest benefits of outsourcing your content and copywriting needs to SEO content writers or an SEO company is that they specialize in content that works well online. Freelance writers are excellent but might lack a wider range of expertise that a company with more resources possess. While few businesses specialize in writing articles and content for web pages, all business types can benefit from high-quality content. By outsourcing your content needs to an SEO company with an emphasis on content, you can be confident that your content has an overall strategy in mind. Additionally, the cost and delivery of that content is simple and straightforward. Not to mention if you outsource your content creation it is easily managed on your end.

At Virtual Visibility Media, we have extensive experience with the entire process. From content creation and quality assurance, to project management. SEO and content are at the center of how we help small to medium businesses. With our content and SEO knowledge, we are a great tool to our clients increase their online visibility and lead generation. Please feel free to contact us for quotes or to inquire about hiring us for your next project through the contact form below. Should you have any questions, we’re always happy to answer them.

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