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Website content that’s high quality and search engine friendly is one of the most important aspects of achieving virtual visibility. Content quality is one of the three biggest Google ranking factors. Ensuring that your site’s web pages have excellent content has myriad positive effects. There are multiple benefits to having excellent content. To mention just a couple; firstly, it will help your site show up in organic search results. Secondly, it makes gaining links (or link building) a lot easier. This is crucial in and of itself – seeing as links are another of the top three ranking factors. Moreover, even the last of the top three ranking factors (RankBrain) is inherently tied to the quality of your website content. Of course, more goes into high rankings in search engine results than content – but content does go a long way!

We offer a host of SEO services, including; website auditsSEO reports and monitoring, excellent content, gaining links, and fully fledged SEO campaigns are all underlying and comprehensive aspects of how to rank effectively. After all, if you rank number 1 for a term barely anyone searches for, what good does that do for you? This is why it’s particularly useful to outsource website content editing to SEO companies. We understand the necessity for excellent content, and we’re also acutely aware of how to optimize it in order to boost your ranking.

3 Tiered Quality Assurance (QA)

At Virtual Visibility Media, we strive to provide excellent quality on all our services. We pride ourselves on providing honest and fair pricing for local and small businesses. This is why we use a three-tiered quality assurance check for all content we edit and create. As a result, the content that goes through our doors will engage, interest, and convert website visitors – while simultaneously attracting new traffic, increase rankings, and improving your SEO.

Grammar & Flow

Your content goes through a vigorous and extensive editorial. We’ll make sure that your article is relevant and well-written in the broader sense, as well as fine-tuning it for language and grammar. We ensure that your content flows nicely, reads brilliantly, and lacks awkward misprints.

Tone of Voice & Conviction

In addition to our grammar and editorial checks, we also asses the tone of voice (ToV) of the content and look for the argumentative strength of the content itself. This improves your content’s effectiveness when it comes to convincing your audience and converting visitors to customers.


We undertake a third level SEO check on your content. We’ll evaluate and edit elements such as; content length, external links, internal links, keyword variation and focus keyword usage. You want to avoid cannibalization or over-optimization, while retaining keyword focus you need.

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If you are looking to outsource your website content editing, please feel free to contact us. Below, you’ll see a quick infographics highlighting the benefits you get by outsourcing your website content editing. We have vast experience in a multitude of national and international campaigns, which we will apply to your content creation strategy in order to boost your site’s performance. You can reach us through the contact form at the bottom of this article, or email us at If you’re looking for other services besides website content editing, please check out our various SEO services.

Who benefits from outsourcing proofreading and editing?

As you may be able to tell, just about everyone stands to gain from outsourcing their website content’s proofreading and editing. What many struggle with – from small business owners to larger corporations – is creative tunnel vision. You might create a content strategy, you go about creating your website content with targeted keywords, correct meta tags and meta descriptions, and yet something still isn’t quite right.

Usually, this is because the process has become too automated and needs a fresh pair of eyes. This is where outsourcing website content editing to an SEO company can be especially helpful. You will get an expert opinion assessing the content with a fresh perspective. At the end of the day, this will improve the overall quality of the content your website needs.

What website content should be outsourced?

Just about all website content can benefit from an external SEO content editor. However, there are exceptions. Here are some examples of content types you should not outsource to an SEO firm or consultant:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Term and Condition

These should be reviewed or created by a law firm or similar legal counsel.

On the other hand, there are multiple content pieces and pages that can certainly benefit from outsourcing to SEO companies.

  • Product and Service Pages
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Call to Actions
  • Blog Posts
  • News and Business Articles
  • Business blogs

These are all well suited for third party SEO editing and review. This will provide a fresh perspective to your website content – and this is where we come in. We can help assess whether your content is a) following search engine optimization (SEO) best practice and b) answering search queries effectively.

Outsource Website Content Editing and Proofreading

Is this only needed for content marketing campaigns?

A third party proofreader and content editor can do wonders for your website content and content marketing campaigns. Even optimizing the simplest pages can be greatly beneficial. In fact, ensuring grammatical consistency and quality is a critical even for simpler pages. If your home, about us, and contact us, pages are riddled with grammatical errors it doesn’t exactly instill confidence in your brand. Your visitors will unfortunately assume that grammar and content quality reflect your professionalism and quality.

Spelling and grammar might not be particularly relevant to your profession or the services you offer your clients, so it’s not fair that it affects your customers’ decision making. Unfortunately, grammar and spelling do have a direct impact on credibility. As we know, credibility and trust is the bedrock of e-commerce. In other words – if you’re unsure whether your grammar is perfect, you should consider getting a second pair of eyes on your website content.

When to get a proofreader for your business website

You should outsource the editing of your website content as soon as you start creating your first site. You will see faster results with well edited and thoroughly proofread content. With the necessary content editing in place you can then start refining your lead generation strategy. After all, with a fresh perspective you are more likely to identify new opportunities and potential gaps in your strategy.

Understandably, many are very cautious with their overhead when they first start a business and build a website. However, you can’t do it all yourself. If you do, it’s very easy to miss something simple. Without a doubt, there’s something to be said for getting it right the first time around. Not only do you want to start your branding from day one, but you want it to start earning leads ASAP. After you’ve chosen a website builder, like WordPress or Shopify, and you’ve settled on a web design you like, it’s all about getting the content right.

Get help enforcing coherent and strategic content

You should ensure that all pieces of content are part of a coherent strategy when you create a website. Additionally, you also want to be sure that they’re well written. Unsurprisingly, compelling website content – without grammar mistakes – is more likely to provide you with passive leads than web content with errors every few sentences. Just check the comment sections on practically any website out there. Even worse, one single mistake can actually drastically throw off the message that you’re trying to get across to your readers.

In other words, it’s very valuable to get a third party to analyze and edit your website content. It gives you a leg up from the start on business blog and articles. You should also keep in mind that even your social media activity might need to be proofread. However, that does depend on your brand voice.

Let us help you with your website content

We have extensive experience in working with online content for a great variety of industry types. Additionally, if you need your site translated, that is certainly something we can help you with. If you have already started translating your site into other languages and need to outsource the proofreading and editing – you’re in the right place. If you’re looking to promote your content and website in order to gain links – we can most certainly help.

Our SEO and translation experience makes us ideal for local and international businesses seeking to outsource editing and proofreading. We’re happy to apply our international experience to your site in order to boost its performance and ensure that it becomes a valuable part of your business. We want to help you increase your lead generation and improve your content marketing results. We do this by ensuring that your content is at its very best.

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