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With us, you’ll get social media ads that deliver results. We’re here to run simple and effective paid ad campaigns for the social platforms you need. Added bonus? You’ll get content creation, campaign management, engagement and conversion reports included.

Data-Driven Social Media Advertising Services

With Virtual Visibility Media, you’ll get social media advertising services that are firmly rooted in data, analytics, and performance. We’ll make sure your products or services are seen by the people that matter.

Our social media advertising services will reach your targets and give you great value for money. As with all our services, we always align marketing directly with your business goals.

You Come First with Our Social Media Advertising Services

If we don’t reach your target, we won’t charge you – It’s the smart way to invest your ad dollars!

Just about everybody agrees that social media advertising, also known as paid social, is cost-effective. We kick it up a notch with our social media advertising services.

If we don’t manage to generate the number of leads agreed on when we kick off your campaign, you’ll only pay for the cost of the ad itself (for example, what Facebook or LinkedIn charge per campaign). We get nothing. That’s extra incentive for us to use best practice methods that maximize your ROI and get you those leads. Not only that, but it’s extra security for you. The better results you get from your paid social, the better for us! This sets us apart:

Other social media advertisers might something like this:

  • Cost of the Ad campaign
  • 30% management fee
    • regardless of result
  • X amoung cost for creative ad copy

Our cost structure for social media advertising services:

  • Cost of the Ad campaign
  • 20% management & implementation fee
    • void if targets are not met
  • Creative ad copy is free of charge

What the different cost structures mean in dollars

If we break that down, a $500 paid social ad campaign with other companies would result in:

  • $150 goes to the management of the campaign
  • $50 goes to creative ad copy
  • $500 goes to the social platform your ad runs on

The total will be approximately $700.

A $500 paid social ad campaign with us, on the other hand, will look like this:

  • $100 goes to us for the creation, management, and implementation of the campaign
  • $500 goes to the social platform your ad runs on

The total will be $600 – that’s it. Nothing fancy or complicated – we simply make sure you get the best results without paying more than necessary.

You might wonder why we do it this way, instead of following a similar payment structure as so many other online marketing companies. It goes back to our mission: to make SEO and online marketing as easy and accessible as possible for small and local businesses.


Getting you results for your social media ad campaigns

You can’t lose with our social media services. It’s as simple as that.

Run social media advertising campaigns that meet your needs

An amazing element of social media ads is that we can tailor our campaigns depending on your unique needs. We can easily help you create campaigns that focus on:

  • Brand awareness: If you need to start generating brand awareness within your target customer group, we can certainly help you create an ad that will be most relevant to them. Let’s bring you to the forefront of their minds!
  • Hiring (employee acquisition): This is somewhat underutilized by many industries. Running the right social media advertising campaign can help you get a whole stack of relevant resumes right into your inbox. The cherry on the cake? It’s going to be very cost effective!
  • Website traffic: Ad campaigns are very effective in getting your message in front of the right audience. With the right content, we’ll be able to draw valuable traffic to your website.
  • Lead generation: With our social media advertising services, we’ll be able to set up and run an ad campaign that generates relevant, qualified leads for your business. If you’d like assistance in creating a mini-funnel, we can certainly help you optimize your conversion rates as well.

Be seen and attract your ideal customer

One of the fantastic aspects of social media advertising is the wealth of information you can specify when setting up your campaign. With our social media advertising services, we can set your advertising campaign up for success.

We’ll set it all up for you, and help you target potential customers based on:

  • Email Lists: You might think you’ve already done all you can with your email lists and chances are you’ve done plenty. Still, by sending us your email list we can run customized social media ads to your contacts list. Converting previous customers, or others that have expressed direct interest in your company, is often a quicker win for new business.
  • Demographics: We can set up extremely precise, targeted social media advertising campaigns based on your ideal buyer’s persona. We can hone in on specific interests, online behaviors, age groups, geographical locations, income levels, job titles, and so much more!
  • Website Visitors: We’ll set up retargeting pixels to your website and advertise to people who’ve already been on your site recently. After all, very few visitors convert the first time they check a site. However, chances are they’re looking for services you provide. With retargeting, we can increase your conversion rates!

Highly recommend this company

“Absolute awesome experience! Christoffer is very professional and truly went above and beyond to make my marketing campaign a success! Looking forward to working with Virtual Visibility Media again soon!”


Tiffanie Cosby

Voice Coach and Owner of Tiffanie Cosby Music

Social media ads can deliver results within 24/48 hours

We can seriously speed up your results with social media ads. We’ll be able to help you reach the right people, in the right way, almost instantly. We can run different ad campaigns for you depending on what you want to achieve; generate followers, engagement, website traffic, or generate leads.

Of course, the bigger your budget, the more people we can reach for you.

We will always work to maximize the impact of our social media advertising for your campaigns. While we’ve delivered great results for smaller budget campaigns ($150), in general we recommend an ad budget of at least $500 to get a significant return on the campaign. The smaller the budget, the less reach your paid social ads have. The bigger the budget spent on the social platform where you run your ad, the more effective our social media advertising services will be for you.

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