Attracting Customers through Social Media Marketing

Attracting Customers through Social Media Marketing & Management for Small & Local Businesses

At Virtual Visibility Media, it’s our mission to help local and small businesses become more visible online. Too few small and local business owners take advantage of Social Media Marketing.

Concerns about scale, the difficulty of creating a marketing strategy for facebook, twitter, instagram, and more, how social media can attract customers and drive sales, and how they can present their company through Social Media can be intimidating.

However, as a locally based Buffalo SEO & digital marketing company, our goal is simple:

A Different Social Media Approach

Our mission is threefold. First, to make our online strategies easy to understand. Second, to make it easy to see what you get for your money. Third, and most importantly, to increase the number of visitors and customers you attract through social media posts and activities. Get in touch with us today and we’ll schedule a free consultation call for your business. Simply use the button below to email us or the contact form at the bottom of this page.

As you can see, we specialize in SEO. What you might not be aware of is that SEO encompasses a large scope of internet marketing efforts, like:

  • Inbound marketing (making your customers come to you)
  • Social Media Marketing (Identifying and engaging your target audience)
  • Content Marketing  (Creating content that engages and converts)

It might sound like a list of buzzwords, but what we want to do here is highlight that our core specialty involves a keen appreciation of your overall online activities. We’ll use a data driven approach to evaluate the overall contributing factors of incoming traffic to your site.

Our expertise lies in identifying ways of increasing your exposure. We can make sure that you’re accessible and directly visible to the audience that wants to buy your products and services.

Small business Social Media Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult.  What we can do for you is provide top quality SEO insight as it applies to Social Media best practice, at honest rates. We always go above and beyond to ensure that you have the support and help you need to increase your online traffic and sales.

Effective Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Increase social followers & customers

We’ll create a strategy with activities to increase engagements and improve online visibility. We’ll channel these activities directly toward expanding your customer base.

Social media with a clear ROI

We’ll create clear marketing funnels that work for you and result in conversions. With our strategies it’ll be easy to see how your improved social media presence provides a ROI.

Connect your business with your audience

We aim our small business social media activity toward connecting your business with your customers. As we create the content we’ll make sure your target audience sees your business.

Effectively Increase Your Sales

You’ll see your sales increase as we attract new visitors to your website or physical store via the social networks you use. We can also set up converting landing pages on your site.

Regular Social Media Reports

As with any project, it’s critical to take the pulse of all activities on a regular basis. We’ll provide you with monthly reports on how the social media plan is going compared to our agreed KPI

Balance Quality and Cost

We  know SMBs, we know local search, and we know the pressure points of small business owners. With our social media marketing plan we can bring quality to you at a price that’s honest and fair.

A Small Business Social Media Marketing Plan That Works

You’ll likely find that we’re different from the other small business social media marketing companies. Specifically, we’re different in that our chief expertise is in organic search and SEO strategies.

This experience and expertise gives us a different analytical approach than what most others might have. With us, you’ll find that we create strategies that help you grow your social media engagements. We’ll also be able to increase what’s called referral traffic from social media to your site. However, to continue helping your business prosper, we’ll also create specific landing pages for you – designed to convert these potential customers.

This way, not only will we be able to help improve or set up your social media platform presence. We’ll also help you increase your sales, as well as improve your rankings in search results.

Creating High Quality Content for Ranking Factors and Conversion

One of the reasons many small businesses fear diving into social media is that they think no one would be interested. The second big worry is that they think they’re competing against large national companies. The good news is that neither is correct. You’d be surprised what you can achieve – how people love and are endeared to local businesses. You just need to tap into that love and connection.

Your Character & Profile

Whether you’re a small city hardware store, a boutique clothing shop, or a furniture store – you and your employees are the soul of your small business – and that means something to the audience we’ll be targeting.

Our Social Media Strategy

We’re here to bring you, your business, and your products into the limelight. Our strategies are focused on making that happen – not replicating what works for Fortune 500 companies.

Your Connection to Your Audience

Through our social media plan, we’ll introduce your business to people who can benefit from it. This connection will bring value both to you and your future customers.

This is where we want to create a social media strategy that evolves from your and your business’ character and story. If you’re thinking that you don’t really have a narrative that will “entertain” or “sell,” don’t worry. Give us a call, we can have a no-obligation talk about your business and let’s see what we can do. There’s no harm at least looking into what your story can be, right?

Unique landing pages to funnel your audience

Many who hire social media consultants or companies feel that they only get a templated approach to their social media profiles. The social media presence and activity might be spot on – but there’s a disconnect. There’s a lack of cohesion between the social media activities and how it translates to sales and monetary value. We bridge that division with our experience.

We’re used to being part of a holistic digital marketing effort. We find unique landing pages should be created specifically for one particular social media project, initiative, or campaign. This is where our core expertise comes to the forefront. We can create pages on your website that attract new visitors through search queries. Not only that, these pages will work to funnel social media leads to your site.

It’s entirely optional whether you choose to let us create these unique social media SEO landing pages for you, but we highly recommend it.

Social Media is for all – not for the few

Much of the criticism of social media marketing we’ve come across is that it’s only for the big brands – those international and nationwide companies with resounding name recognition. Some tend to think that social media is just for the glamorous and fancy brands that are “cool” enough. We disagree wholeheartedly.

Share your unique character and prosper

There are few things as important as authenticity when it comes to social media marketing. It’s a critical factor in whether you’ll benefit from social media or not. Regardless of whether your business is an attorney firm, a building or hardware store, insurance or banking, veterinary practice, florist, or a security service – you have a persona that your audience can connect with. We want to help you make that voice heard, and for it to translate into visitors and loyal customers.

After all, the true value and strength of a small business is that customers can develop a connection to the owners and employees – a feat no Fortune 500 company can actually boast.

It is that voice and connection that we want to tailor our Social Media strategy to. We believe that it can help bring you success online and give you the social signals you need to grow.

What we can do for your Social Media presence

The big question for many is “what does a social media consultant/company actually do?” It can seem vague to think of followers, retweets, likes, repins, and how many are sharing content. However, the practical activities we’ll put in place for you are the following:

  • Develop a social media strategy
  • Create a social media schedule
  • Create and post content to social profiles
  • Respond quickly to fans and followers
  • Engage with others on social platforms
  • Create social media advertising campaigns
  • Manage contests and giveaways
  • Tracking performance over time

That might sound like a lot. It certainly can be, but it all depends on scaling and how much you want to invest. Many social media companies price a simple campaign anywhere between $3,000.00 to $10,000.00, but that’s not how we do things. We want to make sure that our activities are scaled to fit your business’ budget – while maintaining excellent quality, support, and results.

Contact Us Today for SEO Influenced Social Media Marketing

If you’re looking for a way to increase foot-traffic to your store, or need to increase online sales from your e-commerce site, feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to take our time and talk through your options, learn about your business, and evaluate what routes might be best for you. Just know that if you feel that you can’t break into social media because you’re a small local business, we hope to get the opportunity to prove you wrong.

We will provide you with a strategic, highly targeted social media strategy that will deliver the results you need. Contact us today for effective social media marketing for your small business.