Website Launch Service

The expert website launch service for you.

Enjoy the benefits of a business website without the inconvenience.

Our site launch service gives you all the expert Search Engine Optimization help you need to set up your business website for success from day one. We simplify the process, make it easy to maintain, and can provide you with the full online overhaul your business needs. We make online marketing and online visibility easy.

website launch service

Virtual Visibility Media website creation services

At Virtual Visibility Media, we help small and local businesses and various SaaS companies improve their websites and run new website launch campaigns. Even though we’re a local Buffalo SEO company, we’ve been able to help redesign and launch sites as far away as Birmingham, England. They had a great experience with us (see Maureen’s, and De Ville’s Pilates’ review here), and we look forward to helping more local businesses.

Our focus is to make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing as easy and as accessible as possible. We do this by making sure that our services are adjusted to meet your budget while still maximizing your results.

We’re more than happy to provide a quote where you can clearly see what you’d pay for, and what we believe we can achieve for you. SEO doesn’t need to be complicated, or unnecessarily expensive. Most importantly, you don’t have to go it alone. We’re here to help when you need a website for your business.

Why can’t I create my own business website?

There’s a positively massive amount of DIY “launch your new website guides” easily available online. Of course, that’s great! You no doubt will be able to do it yourself.

All that’s needed is some elbow grease and sturdy online research. However, over time we’ve come to notice that quite a few e-commerce site owners, SaaS businesses, as well as local and small businesses find the workload too time-consuming and frustrating. In fact, when you want to launch your new business website correctly, a more useful way to spend your time is likely to actively look for help in creating and launching your site.

The downside of a DYI approach is that there is a lot riding on getting your site set up right for launch. This is where it can be incredibly useful (not to mention less stressful) to get help from SEO experts or a local SEO company.

Our Site Launch Service is simply a package of our services that includes everything you need to set up and launch a new website for your business. We’ll do all the research, do the heavy lifting, fill out the forms, and have you ready to launch within a month.

“When Christoffer at Virtual Visibility Media Inc. contacted me with an extremely reasonable quote, I accepted it and the result is an outstanding website relevant to my business and with everything I could have hoped for and would never have been able to do myself.

Christoffer has gone out of his way to make this the easiest task on my to-do list.  He liaised with site hosts and domain name providers, arranged the transfer to new site hosts and in a very short time has created a stunning website based on a few fairly vague ideas from me.  Even the fact that I am in the UK and he is in the US hasn’t been an issue – whenever I have sent over emails or messaged him replies have come back and actions have been completed within hours.”


Maureen Parker

Owner, De Ville’s Pilates

Benefits of using our website launch service

One Request – Not Multiple Accounts


If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll need to create an account for your web hosting provider, registrar (for your domain name), website builder, etc.

We’ll ask you to fill out one form. That’s it. We’ll set up everything else, and transfer it to you once everything is ready. This means you sign up with us, sit back, and a month later you’re ready to launch your brand new site.

Tell Us About You- We’ll Set Up the Pages


Getting your first pages and website copy right can be a real pain. Will the pages show up in Google? Is the copy convincing enough to turn visitors into customers? Am I using the correct URL structure?

All we need is to know about your business and products. From there, we propose some pages for you and create everything for you. All of the content will be unique, convincing, and goes through our 3-tier QA process.

You Don’t Worry About Analytics – We’re On It


Analytics is crucial in order for you to see how you perform compared to competitors in search results page positions. This can be complicated and frustrating when you’re unfamiliar with the process.

We’ll set it all up for you, adding the tracking code you need where you need it. We’ll do the testing and checks as well as creating one landing page sales funnel for you from day one.

30 Days From Purchase Date to a Launch Ready Website


We want to make sure you get your site ready as soon as possible. However, we won’t guarantee a delivery sooner than 30 days.

It gives us just enough time to make sure we do all necessary research, implementation, QA, and testing in good time before you have your new, professional website ready to launch.

Your Site is Ready to Rank, Get Traffic & Convert


We’ll give you seven fully created pages that have gone through our extensive editing and proofreading quality assurance process.

They will also adhere to SEO best practice and be complete with full copy with agreed Tone of Voice, optimized for good conversion rates. We’ll make sure to build your website right from the get-go.

Best Practice Reassurance For Long Term Performance


With our website launch service, we include a long term service to make sure your site maintains SEO best practice over time.

Google and search engines change over time to improve their services – your site needs to keep up if it’s going to deliver visitors and customers in the long term. This is a simple, low-cost SEO insurance fitting your budget.

Creating a professional website for you for launch day

In order to give you the best quality site package in the neatest and most convenient way, we make sure to set up a number of pages for your online store or business website. The best way for you to hit the ground running is to have top of the line, quality content ready on your site for your very first visitor.

What you get with our website creation and launch services.

When you choose our new website launching service we will create at least the following pages for you:

  • Home page
  • About us
  • Services/Products
  • Contact
  • Landing page
    • Confirmation page

This is the bare minimum of pages that we’ll create for your site. They will all include our 3 tier quality assurance proofreading services. As a consequence, you’ll show up for the right search queries with the correct, corresponding call to action(s).

Do you want a good, solid, and professional website foundation to build on that’s designed to show up in search engine results? We can help you. You won’t need to worry about setting up technical elements like tracking, Google Analytics, and similar elements. We’ll set that up for you so you can easily see the results.

The additional benefit? With our services, you’ll receive monthly reports showing you exact numbers and graphs. This will show you exactly how your site is doing. It’ll detail everything from visitor numbers to time spent on your site per visitor, and what pages are doing well. Not to mention conversion rates.

Some content marketing advice for your site launch

While we always include at least those 7 pages we listed above, we highly recommend creating 3 or 4 pieces of content for your site to capitalize on the pre-launch buzz. Ideally, you’ll want a flagship content piece to truly capture the interest of your colleagues and target audience.

Take advantage of our website launch services

As you know, we specialize in SEO and internet marketing. We focus on providing our services at a reasonable cost for local and small businesses. While we are a Buffalo SEO company, that shouldn’t stop you getting in touch with us if you’re from Florida or Texas. Small and local businesses are our forte. We always give you personal, individual service and follow up.

Take advantage of our website launch service whether you need to redo your existing business website or if you need a brand new site for your local business. Contact us today – we look forward to helping you compete online!